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Canuc Nov 12, 2004 5:21 PM

I have read the many reviews, and am now in decision mode.

I am not a photo-phile - but I do like to carry a camera everywhere to take pictures for memories. I have had many cameras and now know what I really need in one. I'm looking for something to last me 5-6 years.

Criteria, in order:
Size - must be shirt-pocketable.
Indoor pictures - a decent ability to take indoor pictures - without a tripod!
Flash - easy ability to select flash priority (red-eye reduction, no flash, etc...)
Reliability - a good, reliable, repairable (hopefully never) brand.
Remote - I like to take group pics - and I like to be in them!

That has brought me to the Lumix DMC-FX7 v. the ELPH S500 decision point. I've discounted a number of "comparables" for a number of reasons. Can you help?

Finally, any ideas where to buy the camera for cheap. I live in Canada but will be in the US shortly. Warranty validity is obviously important. No grey market stuff. Vann's is one place I've seen mentioned a few times - any thoughts?

I own the following, FYI:
Canon Optura 100MC video camera - well used and liked
Canon EOS 50E SLR - never used anymore
Pentax Espio 115 35mm camera - brutal camera shake with anything less than 400ISO



HoneyBun Nov 24, 2004 12:49 PM

What exacly do you wanna take indoor, in lowlight? If it's gonna be people then FX7 is not the best choice, regardless the stablizer, why? Since the Stablizer allows you to shoot at lower F stop, which means longer exposure, that's fine for inanimate objects, but for animates, everything's gonna be blurry. Besides, the CCD on the FX7 is TINY, hince it's noisy at higher ISO. If you REALLY wanna take serious shots in low light, there is still no option but an bulky expensive SLR which allows you to shoot at around ISO 1600 with slight noise.

Regarding the FX7 and the S500, if money is not a problem, I'd go for the FX7 (I did), the S500 will definitely take less noisy shots at higher ISO (much larger CCD), remember though, the Stablizer on FX7 is not as effective as on FZ series (my personal opinion), in low light, it's just a fair camera, my DSC P92 beats it easily (no stabilizer, just a very ergonomic design, and good flash).

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