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lindseybp Dec 4, 2005 10:45 PM

I'm trying to decide between these two cameras. I currently have an FZ20 and love it but the wife needs a small, compact camera to take with her when she travels for work. She initially liked the tiny Sony T7 but I wasn't sure about the photo quality and it doesn't have image stabilization. I've been looking at the Panasonic FX9. I like that it has image stabilization and I've heard very good things about the camera. I recently came across several previews for the Sony T9 which has image stabalization. I haven't really seen any reviews of this camera yet though. The price difference is considerable though. I can find the FX9 for about $350 but the T9 is $450. The Pana takes SD memory which seems to be cheaper than the T9's pro duo memory sticks. I was hoping to get some opinions from people on these two phones and what I should do. Another issue, the only place I can find a Sony T9 right now is on ebay via sellers from Asia. I read this camera won't be out in the USA until January and I need to purchase and have the phone in my possession before Dec 18th (wife going to Germany for a week). Thanks in advance for any help!


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