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I've just sent back a Fuji S2000HD which may be faulty, or just not suitable for my needs. Either way, before the shop call me back, I want to know if either of these 2 options would be a better choice for me personally.

I want a decent camera to snap the kids playing indoors and outdoors. As I am not looking to develop my photography skills, this will be used almost always in auto mode - I don't want to mess around with ISO settings etc to get decent photos - I just want to point and shoot, but often from a distance, so need the zoom features.

Both the FZ28 and H50 seem to have good reviews on this site, but this is written by people who are photograph experts and can get the best out of them. Are both these suitable to point and shoot well in auto mode - and which do people think would be best for my needs ?

Help !? Thanks, Jon
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I have the FZ28. I haven't used the H50. The FZ28 takes good pictures with its intelligent auto setting. It's very easy to use in that way. As your skills advance, you can work up to various scene and manual settings.
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I just purchased the FZ28 and am very pleased with it. Image quality is very good and the zoom is really fun to play with. Attached are some pictures at full wide angle and full 18x zoom; the vignetting is from a filter attachment. To answer your question:
1. Auto mode - the FZ28 has a nice auto mode called Intelligent Auto "iA" which you set on the convenient dial.
2. Need zoom - the image stabilization is very effective in controlling shake at high zoom settings.
3. Suitable for point-and-shoot? - yes but do you really want to lug this thing around when you can get something smaller? See below. Yes, the FZ28 is actually small but you still can't put it in your pocket.

One more feature of the FZ28 is the ability to operate the OPTICAL zoom while recording HD video; not all competitors have this.

There are probably better ultra-zooms (UZ) out there but, since I'm on a budget, I could not find a better camera for the money. For me, better means more manual controls, a bright lens, and decent image quality for taking pictures of landscapes which don't move. I paid $260 for this camera and the other cameras I considered were at least $100 more expensive.

But based on your described use, you sound like you're looking for something that can capture your kids in action. One downside of the FZ28 (though I haven't tried any other UZ out there) is a slow start up and focusing. Just for this reason, you may want to check out other models before buying this one. Because it is REALLY slow focusing sometimes.

You may want to consider getting a high quality ultracompact if taking candid pictures of your kids is your goal. The only thing I have to compare the FZ28 with is my Canon Digital Elph SD1000 which is amazingly fast starting up and getting a focus lock. The color and image quality are really impressive for a little camera. It's also small enough that I can just stick it in my pocket (which also keeps it warm in the cold). If I had to purchase another ultracompact and had plenty of money, I would seriously consider a Canon Digital Elph. Panasonic also has some nice compact/ultracompact models with iA and 5x or 10x zoom.
Attached Images

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I'm looking at buying the FZ28, I'm all new to cameras but, I'm thinking it may be a good choice
for a beginner just getting into photography. The zoom is amazing in those pictures. at first I didn't
notice the duck in the first picture
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Either the Sony H-50 or the Panasonic FZ-28 will work well for your described conditions. Naturally you are going to have to use the camera's built-in flash for the indoor shots. I lean toward the Sony H-50.

Sarah Joyce
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