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I'm having trouble deciding between the Sony P100 and the Panasonic FX7.

My shots will mostly be candid pub/party type shots. The p100 is great cos it has really low shutter lag, FX7 for stablisation
The price for me is about the same for both once you account for the SD/MemStick diffs. I was also considering the
Casio EX-Z55 but I can't get it wholesale and heard about issues re warranty, etc

Here are my pros/cons for each

Sony P100

For - Great battery life, Higher res LC, Common (thus many accessories/parts) Sturdier(?!), clicks like a rocket (2/10 sec inc AF) - no shutterlag

Against - Memory stick, charge through camera, poor quality control (e.g. some have spots/dust)


For - Big LCD, Stabilisation, charges separately (not via the cam)

Neg - Poor quality LCD (low pixel count), Poor Battery Life, redeye probs, No viewfinder.

From a pic/review perspective
P100 - issues with shadows
FX7 - issues with noise - Worse shutter lag (4/10AF)

I'm a bit worried about pic framing in the dark with the FX7, since it only has an LCD - how hard is this
to use at night?!

Also - how bad is the FX7's battery life REALLY?!

And does the Sony allow more manual controls?!

I'd love to hear which you think is better - or great/bad things you've noticed if you own one!


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Old Nov 24, 2004, 12:58 PM   #2
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If it's gonna be candid photos in low light, FX7 is no good. To capture tack sharp pictures in low light, in the first place still faster shutter speed counts (else the object moves, thus blurs out the image). Ergo, you'd wanna shoot at as high an ISO as possible (with decent quality) FX7 has a tiny CCD, ergo very noisy at higher ISO, 5MP at ISO400 looks fair after downsizing to 2MP. Not quite so with the Sony. FX7 is a better 'socializer', since it's smaller and easier to bring with you. Sony Ps are not bad, fit nicely in a jacket inner pocket, and definitely more sturdy. Both are robust and very responsive. The choice is yours.

(At the end of the day, at present time, the only cameras that take serious candid picture AT NIGHT are SLRs).
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I would really like a pocket camera with stabilization, but after looking at the FX7 it just doesn't cut it for me. I like having an optical finder and like at least a full manual exposure mode. And as long as it is available on other cameras I see no reason to get a camera without 640 X 480 movies at 30fps. Long exposure with noise reduction for night shots is also a nice feature it doesn't seem to have. The FX7 unfortunately has too many compromises for me. I don't think it will be a big success – hope that doesn't discourage others from making a stabilized pocket camera.

The small camera that looks good to me right now is the Canon SD300. I wish it were 5Mp, but otherwise it looks good if I give up on wanting stabilization. It has full manual. I find I use manual often but not aperture and shutter priority on cameras without a hot shoe. There are action modes that give the fastest shutter and portrait mode opens the lens all the way. It has a nice LCD and an optical finder. It is a tiny camera and takes good quality shots and has an up to date movie mode. SD is a good choice for memory compared to xD or Memory Stick IMO.

The SD300 is smaller and lighter than the P100 and has a larger LCD, although the Sony LCD has more pixels. But the capabilities seem similar – manual exposure, good movies etc. You will need a large memory card to take advantage of the good movies.

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