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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this forum.

I have been putting a bit of money aside for a better Digital Camera and will soon be in a position to buy what I think is the right choice, a Panasonic FZ 30.

I base this on the Zoom capabilities and the superb lens, I have mobility problems and sometimes just need to be able to 'get close' to my subject which is to take photo's of Birds, some in my garden and perhaps on location or holidays, I also like to take shots of the Night Sky occasionally like the Moon or perhaps a Planet, for Astronomy I use a Olympus OM1 camera on the bulb setting to allow for longer exposures, I have used this camera to take good shots (depending on location) through a telescope and had some success, but I would like to move into the digital age with this hobby.

Can anyone tell me if the Panasonic can do this ? is the lens removable to allow this camera to be coupled up to a Telescope ? does anyone on the forums have any experience of this subject, because if this can be used I may have a camera that can fulfill my needs both on the birds/wildlife and a little Astronomy work.

I also like to use Macro and I believe that this camera is very good for this sort of close up work.

One other thing, I have seen this Camera for sale on a Auction site being sold from Hong Kong, is this a good idea to buy and import into the UK ?

Many thanks for any help,

Baskerville, Blackburn UK.

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ok i can comment on a few things... firstly the fz30 is a very nice camera, but its quite big to hold, similar to dSLR sizes really. Not sure if thats an issue for you. If it is, there is the choice of the fz5 or the new fz7 both are smaller in the hand.

for taking shots of birds in daylight in your garden or on holiday im sure it will be very good, look in the panasonic forum lots of nice shots in similar circumunstances. Also there are lots of shots of the moon in the panasonic forum and some of them look great, so take inspiration.

As far as removing the lens, this is a straight no - it cannot be done without breaking your camera or voiding warranty. Also I think using the fz30 with a spotting scope is a no too due to camera optics, but you may want to post in the digiscoping forum to ask there. There is no bulb setting on fz30, I think its 60s max exposure according to steves review.

I have bought 'little' things from those Hong Kong ebayers, filters batteries and such, with success but if you buy something expensive like a camera you can expect to pay an import tax when it gets to the UK... something worth thinking about

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I'm also looking to purchase the FZ30, if you plan on purchasing outside your country I would recommend emailing or calling your local Panasonic head office and find out how the warranty will be supported if you purchase cross border.

I'm in Canada and when I emailed asking about getting warranty support in Canada if I purchased from the US I found out I would need to send the camera to the US if I needed any warranty work. I also found out that if I didn't purchase from an 'authorized' dealer, the warranty wouldn't be honored at all.

So just something to check out.

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