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Hendy Oct 30, 2005 12:18 PM

I found my way to this great forum while trying to pick my way between all the digital cameras currently available. I am going for a long zoom with at least 5MP but I would appreciate any comments on the following:

With about £300 to spend Ihave to decide between older models at clearance prices such as the Panasonic FZ20 or the Fuji FinepixS7000 and new models such as the Fuji S5600, Kodak P850 or Sony H1. I mention the Kodak model particularly because it has a hotshoe which I would like. Is there any particular improvement that the newer models have that would sway me in their direction? I am currently leaning towards the Panasonic. This will be my first digital camera, replacing a 35mm Canon EOS300 SLR.

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