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nyjets011269 Apr 9, 2009 9:38 PM

I want to get an ultra zoom and have it narrowed down to the FZ28 and S10IS. Both get rave reviews but the Panasonic seems to get an edge. Slight difference in the zoom and no hot shoe for the Panasonic but that is not a deal breaker for me. It is about 50.00 cheaper and seems to have a better ease of use and a great lens. Any advice? Thanks.

mtclimber Apr 9, 2009 11:04 PM

The clear choice is the Panasonic FZ-28. It is lighter, more maneuverable, better at high ISO settings, and much easier to handle. The bottom line is that the FZ-28 is a good bit better.

Sarah Joyce

nyjets011269 Apr 9, 2009 11:06 PM

Thanks for the clear cut advice.

Lazy Lens Apr 10, 2009 1:44 AM

What sold me on the FZ28 vs. SX10 are:
superior (IMHO) lens
superior (IMHO) viewfinder
fringe elimination
relatively low barrel distortion
HD video
variety of available lens attachments

The price on the FZ28 has dropped $30 in the last couple of weeks.
J&R Music World, a reputable dealer, now has it for $270 shipped.
Soon as it hits $250, assuming it will, I'm buying one.
That's a lot of camera for the price!

As for the lack of a hotshoe, I plan on using a sound/optic-triggered slave flash (or two).
Or, alternatively, hack the built-in flash and hard trigger the slave flash(es) directly -- maybe after the warranty expires, though. :idea:

Andrew Waters Apr 10, 2009 3:54 AM

Camera rated the two cameras nearly even.

I've been kicking these two cameras around the past three weeks and decided on the SX10is simply because of the side-by-side comparison of image quality. The Canon seems to have more punch throughout its zoom according to what was presented for viewingat cameralabs.

Color fringing in contrasty areas in the Canonwon't be a problem for me simply because I have no need for blowups. Raw files I have no use for. If I can't get it right in-camera then I'll quit. :-)Yep I'm an average shooter.

But the deal-breaker for mein two areas is the articulating screen and hotshoe capability. At my age of 66 I don't want to prostrate myself to get a picture of my granddaughter and having the extra capability of an off camera flash means a lot to me.

While both cameras suffernoisethe Canon had a bit less at ISO 1600;the blowup showed the FZ28 to havemore smearing. Of course neither of the two cameras is recommended at that ISO. And I do wish Canon would have provided a filter option on the lens as does the Fz28.

Finally what swayed me to go superzoom instead of Dslr wasn't the price.I had been looking at the Canon 50D dSLR for quite some time butdecided it was overkill for my situation now; I sure like the size of it though; something to grab hold of. All I've ever had was an slr film camera. That time has past.

The ''heft'' of the Canon SX10 swayed me too. Although initially I thought how small it was (after handling it at Best Buy).

So after haggling with myself on this camera and that camera, even the Olympus 590, Sony HX 1 and the Nikon P90 I keep coming back to the SX10is; not for the video however; I already have a $1,400 Panasonic mini digital from five years ago.

mtclimber Apr 10, 2009 7:49 AM

You have made so excellent points-

Essentially both cameras are very good, that is for sure. The difference is probably based on individual personal preferences.

Sarah Joyce

Andrew Waters Apr 10, 2009 11:07 AM

Thank you.

Another thing I liked about the FZ28 is itdidn't go through it apertures as fast as the SX10when the lens is zoomed. I think Canon loses nearly a full F/stop sooner (or something to that effect).

I've always fancied myself as having a camera with admirablelow light capability as the Dslrs have, mostly,but as the years dragged on, my daughters got older, grandkids come and go, until the recent addition that is, and I realized that my Dslr time has already passed me by and I didn't realize it until recently when I started looking at the big zooms; even this part of it (zoom) isn't what swayed mebecause I believe the wideangle in my case trumps the long.

One parting comment.I had the G1 and then the GH1 in my sights because of the type oflive view it has plus a relatively larger sensor. Then I weighed the extra cost of lenses, which really isn'tinsurmountable,and afterpounding yet more aggravation into my head decided that I really am about a superzoom type. Information content here (on this site) has really been beneficial in steering me toward some sense of recognition of what I needed all along at this late stage of the game.

Cheers to you.

mike_1 Apr 10, 2009 1:08 PM


First post here, although I've been reading the forums since last fall. I'm a novice, although I've been using a 2-MP point-and-shoot for about six years. Although I picked it out, I received the FZ28 as a Christmas gift last year.

I, too, was deciding between the FZ28 and the Canon SX10IS (I think that was the model). There are many good points for both cameras, but I chose the FZ28 for a number of reasons, one of which was its smaller size - since my wife would also use whatever camera I got. Cost was also a concern, and the Canon was more expensive.

The FZ28 is a great camera. But my experience is it is much greater outdoors and in very good indoor light. Both my wife and I have been disappointed with its indoor, flash performance in "intelligent auto" mode. I was disappointed enough that I sent my first FZ28 back for a replacement, but as I somewhat expected, the replacement had the same (poor, IMO) indoor, flash performance.

I'm taking this as an opportunity to learn more about this camera, and photography in general. It continues to be a pleasant learning experience for me as I learn more about photography and taking better photos with the FZ28 - experimenting with different settings, etc. I've learned a lot so far.

However, my wife will always use "intelligent auto" mode for all of her shots. While she's much more artistic than I am, she has no interest in getting more into photography and changing various camera settings.

And that brings me to my major criticism: The FZ28's lack of a hot-shoe for an external flash. While I think this camera is great in many respects, and I've taken some fantastic photos with it, I regret not going with the canon or some other camera simply because I can't easily add an external flash to the FZ28.

Just my opinion, of course, but I've seen a few other comments that expressed similar thoughts. I don't have the experience to compare the FZ28's indoor flash performance in "intelligent auto" mode with other cameras. I do know that our old 2-MP Olympus provided more consistently acceptable indoor photos - as far as lighting is concerned.


Andrew Waters Apr 10, 2009 4:27 PM

And it is interesting to note how the manufacturers steadily compete with each other to be the end all or nearly so for the average shooter. Case in point are the two cameras mentioned here. Evidently Panasonic didn't see the importance to add an articulating screen and hot shoe on the FZ28; Canon did.; deal breaker for me. So I'm thinking a person doesn't necessarily have tobe my age to want the flexibility of the swivel screen. Sony puts it on their latest models although in a limited but still useful fashion.What I'm driving at is if the competiveness lies between two cameras why eliminate a perceived benefit. Of course the problem could simply lie with perception of benefit too , who knows. Kind of like''I wonder if they want it but then again I don't think they do.''

All I know is when I get the picture ''out of the box'' I want to be able to show a few folks where I wentto take thepicture. The vast majority of people I believe simply want a well exposed, vibrant, and compositionally correct photograph that is pleasing to the eye without obvious technical defects, that is, washed out areas. I'm sure what it comes down to is just how much one puts a value on a picture and its relatedness to the amount of money one is willing to spend.

Case in point. A few months back on another photography sitea guy said he was mildlydissappointedthe people he showed his photos to didn't recognize the difference in gradations of light and dark that he thought worth mentioning. So much for the artistic eye I guess. The answer is it depends on to whom you show your pictures.;)

nyjets011269 Apr 10, 2009 8:05 PM

Where did you see it for 270. I saw it at beach camera for 279. Thanks.

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