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i am currently thinking of upgrading my current camera, i have been considering the fz30, one reason being it seems a lot of camera for the money, currently i have seen it for £370, in the u.k., my shooting is anything that takes my fancy, from macro to 10x z00m on my current camera, i only use auto settings and the preset modes, i like the sound of 12xzoom, i.s. and more functions than you can shake a stick at, i am considering an olympus e500, but am concerned about, potential dust, how many lenses i would need also the carrying about and even overall price, for the use i would give it, as i am not a photographer, more of i suppose someone who takes snapshots, i have put other post on the site but no response re the bridge camera option, if a picture comes off the camera to the computer and looks good i am happy, i even use auto fix when neccessary, however i do not wish to work at the photos to improve them, i.e. noize removal

i have read review after review and it all comes back to the same problem, noise!, surely there is more to this camera than that, does this problem happen in auto mode and preset mode, or is it when you use the iso settings, i waited for the fz7, reviews, noize!, i have become obssessed with the word, please panasonic users help, if i do not get swayed the other way i will end up buying an olympuse500 for twice the price, that i am not sure i will get the benefit from, because of my personal camera use.

i would like to thank the mt and et for their comments on my other post, but i would like to hear some positive stuff re noize on panasonics, before i decide

current camera olympus 765uz,, are any pannys a worthwhile upgrade over this camera?
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Good Afternoon [email protected],

Like you I'm about to purchase digicam (It's a replacement for a stolen Canon Powershot PRO90 IS). I'm not graduating to a dSLR -- I bought the PRO90 in Aug '03 as a move from my Pentax MEsuper (plus supplementary lenses, etc) as I was getting a bit fed up with touting a big camera bag around, so going to South Africa for a few weeks ,incl a week in the Kruger Park, the 10X stabilised zoom appeared ideal, especially as it was on offer at near half its launch price.

I found it a cracking bit of kit! The only downside was the slow start-up time and the shutter-lag -- but I learnnt to live with that small minus. I also found that the side-mounted, fully flexible screen to be most useful for off-guard shots the RAW facility was great as was the remote control (for both record and playback)

I was originally going to stay with canon --the S2 or the S3 when it hits the shops -- but with a lot of work on the net I'm convinced that the FZ30 meets most ofmy needs, andI much prefer its 'handle-ability' because its very similar to the PRO90 whilst the S2 seems like a toy!

Any how, to get down the reason for this posting -- Comet have the FZ30 at £359 (on line) plus p&p; ukdigitalcameras have it at £370 (plus p&p) but offer a 2yr warranty plus a trial period (for this they will charge a minm. of 5% re-stocking charge). So when I finally bit-the-bullet it is looking good for ukdig...........


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thanks for your response, i know what it is like to have a camera stolen, mine went in tenerife, upgraded to an olympus 765uz @ twice the price (current camera), i was also robbed by the ins.company, to let you know i had hold of the new sony h2 at the weekend the cost of this and a memory card to get you going is £400 approx, if it is as good as it looks, should be a cracker

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