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I'm torn between these two cameras. I am a pro photogrpaher and use a D2X daily, but am buying this to take along on my honeymoon. I can't take the SLRs because they belong to my employer and I don't want to be responsible in places I'm going, and buying a camera like I have at work is out of my price range.
Both of these shoot raw and both have hotshoes, those are features I require.
I like the canon size, but I like the panasonic's manual focus and zoom rings.
The panasonic has an electronic viewfinder, I find that annoying. I don't mind seeing the lens barrel in the viewfinder of the G9 as I've shot with rangefinders plenty and I have used far more difficult.
I have a Canon G3 now that I converted to infrared so I am famillair with the canon type camera.
I am not limiting myself to these choices if someone can suggest another camera, but those are the only two I found in my range with both hotshoe and raw.

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Don't forget the Fuji FinePix S9100. I saw it on sale at one reputable etailer for $428.
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Being a DSLR user, my guess would be youprefer working with the camera to your eye, and you're probably used to getting what you see when you look through the finder, even though you've usedrangefinders.

The Panasonic FZ50's finder isn't as bad as you think, and you can set it up with grid lines and a live histogram in the finderto both frame accurately and keep your exposures very accurate, like I did in this trip...


Up to ISO 200, I shotall images at thehighest quality JPEG, onlygoing to RAW for the 35-40 images I had to go to ISO 400. The manual zoom ring is extremely nice and the camera is very, very light forsomething with a 35-420mm f2.8-3.7 lens.

I'm sure the G9 would be a great camera to use too. I've owned a Powershot G5 in the past and loved the series, but two of the best parts of that camera didn't survive to the G9....the swing out LCD and the fast f2-3 zoom. I saw the very nice set of images shot by the reporter at Luminous Lanscape with the G9 here..


It won't be a bad decision either way you go. I can't think of any camera I'd pick over either....other than perhaps the two kit lens, light weightOlympus E510 DSLR. It's awful light and not that much more for the quality you'd get over and above either the G9 or FZ50.
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