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I am looking for a compact to take Macro pictures of my ant colonies.

I am sure of two things, I want one of the above, and I will also purchase the Raynox 250 snap-on.

But I am not sure which would be the best buy.

I shall first give a description of the situation: this is such a colony in a nest.

It is covered with a glass plate, that will reflect light that is not angled, and give a pretty white picture, and nothing else.

I am looking for a camera to shoot scenes like this one, only much better: physogastric Lasius niger queen:

What are advantages for each of the cameras:

-What camera gives the best macros?

-Which camera has the best (and cheapest) set of brand lenses, should the raynox fail?

-Which camera can be used with a zoom flash? Is this possible on top of a raynox lens?

-I believe a focus light will not work with the raynox on the camera. Should I use a LED focus light?

-Should I make my own softboxes?
-Are there any other things I should consider?

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Interesting question.

I believe the S3 has a partucularly good macro mode, and also has add on lenses available, including a macro lens.

I don't think any of the above have external flash support (no hotshoe), and it sounds like a slave flash won't suit your purpose. You might have to set up lights and set exposure manually.

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Chapters 12 and 13 of the H series Whitepaper cover close up and macros with some example using various closeup lenses.


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