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Steve71 Jul 11, 2007 5:34 PM

Hi I posted a few days ago about a 10x or 12x camera. Thanks for the responses.My wife really wants a compact so I'll put the bridge camera on hold and get a compact. My wife and I after reading many reviews and looked a 3hrs woth of pics from about 6 models and narrowed it two the two cameras in question LZ7 vs A570IS. Here's what she wants to shoot.

She would be shooting mostly during the day as she runs a day care so she would mostly be taking pictures of kids running around and playing. Also of our kids playing sports. And camp fire pics camping ect.. She values a clear sharp picture and likes simplicity. So essentially she will take higher image quality over tons of features or a longer lense. She will mostly be doing 4X6 prints and posting pictures over the internet to friends ie: Facebook. Both models retail for $299.99 cdn

So I am including a poll to see what you guys think is best.


optoman Jul 19, 2007 8:20 PM

I have a panasonic fc30z and a canon a640, I realize these are 2 different breeds of cameras but, The 10 meg a640 is very disappointing. I would not waste money on a compact canon. The built in flash is useless. On the other hand I am very impressed with the Panasonic and its10x zoom lense.


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