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xanedrian Jan 5, 2008 10:20 AM

So I was researching camera models available in my region, and these two seem to fit the criteria. (I'm basically looking for an all-purpose digital camera, indoors and outdoors and possibly nighttime use for shots of practically everything--people, objects, landscapes--with decent quality and good colour especially. Preferably compact with SD card support, and LiIon batteries rather than AA.)

Review sites tend to recommend the Lumix TZ3 over the Powershot TX1, but the main problems with the TX1 seem to be the grip and the price. So if I can get the TX1 for a similar price as the TZ3, would it be better?

The camera shop I went to today, though, managed to sell me the Sanyo VPC-CA6, which upon researching it back home didn't look as good as it did in the shop. Question now is, should I go back and try to exchange the CA6 for one of the above, and, which one of them should it be?

Thank you for answering.

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