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TimCz Sep 19, 2005 12:05 AM

Hi im looking to upgrade to a new digital camera - and this camera seems to fit the needs for me -

however, i wont be the only one in the family using it (and complaints have been made about the size from the other half) buti was wondering if it is still an easy enough point and shoot camera so that others may use it without having to know anything about exposure etc.... and still produce fairly good photos



TimCz Sep 19, 2005 12:47 AM

I should clarify what im doing with the camera too - i tend to take a few action shots etc... from sports and things like that - but the camera needs to have basic point and shoot for others to use. I am also considering the H1 sony.

Another thing (which i know has been covered previously) - is the poor low light abilities of the camera.... but how does it favour compared to the more basic compact cameras such as the canon sd400, 500 an similar cameras from other brands.

speaklightly Sep 19, 2005 11:28 AM


Your mention of low light level shooting really puts a different twist on the quest in my mind. The means no flash and the need for higher ISO capabilities. Perhaps you ought to consider the Fuji F-10, selling for less than $300 or the Fuji S-5200 ($399) if desire a long zoom. Both digital cameras can use up to ISO 1600.

Sarah Joyce

swgod98 Sep 19, 2005 12:43 PM

With "action/sports" photos being the first thingTim mentioned, I really do not suggest the F10. Anything with limited zoom range is out of the question IMO.

If you stick to indoor+flash photography, your "low light" captures will be fine. If by "low light" you mean no flash indoors, then the FZ5 and H1will probably disappoint. In fact, MOST PnS camera's will likely disappoint (you really need ISO above 400). In that case, go with the S5200.

Unfortunately, whether you choose the FZ5, H1, or the S5200, there will compromises to be made.

There are a lot of people who own the FZ5 and H1. But, the S5200 has a current lack of user base...the fact that it hasn't been released yet doesn't help either. If you can wait, reviews will come and people will have insight to help you with your choice.

TimCz Sep 19, 2005 8:33 PM

Thanks for your help - definately some things to consider... i have been pondering the s2 for a while now... and hearing more and more about this fuji one. So release october (or somwhere near) - im from australia so it may be a while longer till we get it here.

Either way - cameras like the s2 are more likely to take better low light shots compared to compact canons and sonys etc... (except the f10 which is great in this department aparently) - is that right?


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