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Please take a look at the review on www.dcresource.com. Jeff Keller felt that noise was really an issue with the LZ-5.

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Jeff Keller's review is the one I just linked on my last posting. I read it carefully, and I quote from the review-

Although it has some annoying flaws, the 6X zoom lens and image stabilization make the DMC-LZ5 a camera that I can recommend. Those of you who want manual controls, or who make larger-sized prints may want to take a look at some other cameras, but for point-and-shoot users making small prints, the LZ5 is worth a look.

Another Quote from Jeff-

Photo quality was hit and miss. The hits include good exposure, sharpness, and color, while the misses include noise, vignetting, and occasional blurry corners. The biggest negative was the noise -- there's too much of it at ISO 80, and it goes downhill from there. The high sensitivity modes border on uselessness, as they look more like paintings than photographs. As I said earlier, the noise issue won't really matter if you're only making small prints, but if you like large prints or inspecting the photos on your computer, then you may be disappointed. Redeye was also a problem on the camera, though your results may differ from mine.

Look MT, with all due respect, I do not know why you continue to point out the noise problem. I have said that I am aware of it, but it will not come into play for my uses. If it comes into play for your uses, this is not the camera for you and I can respect that. But there are people like myself out there who only make small prints for their photo albums and the occasional movie. For those people, this might be the perfect camera!

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You have read all the reviews, and have all the info necessary to make a good decision, with your photo style in mind. All I was saying was the LZ-5 is not for me. I have different priorities, and that is OK too.

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I had a camera that was the current champion for corner softness and vignetting at wide angle and that was a Pentax S4. However I never took a picture with it that I felt vignetting and corner softness was a problem.

Old pros back in the film darkroom days would slightly soften and vignette the corners to improve the picture. Even most scenery shots look fine without the corners super sharp and bright.

There are about 15 thousand S4 photos here. The corner softness and vignetting is as least as bad as the LZ5. See how many photos you can find that corner softness and vignetting actually detract from. In fact it is hard to find because there isn't usually anything there worth looking at. http://www.pbase.com/cameras/pentax/optio_s4 I made 11 X 14s with my S4 and corner softness and vignetting weren't that noticeable.

There are a couple of situations where it isn't great. If you copy documents and want it to full the frame or maybe paintings, the corner softness is apparent. The most prevalent problem is with people who scrutinize their images 100 % looking for technicalities of the image that have nothing to actually do with the image. Those people wouldn't be happy at all with the LZ5. I think you can include camera reviewers generally in that group.

The A700 looks like it will be a nice camera. They have continued to buck the trend and leave the optical viewfinder on the camera. I find it hard to acquire and follow a moving target with the LCD even zoomed to 3X. It will be very difficult at 6X. A zoom like that needs an optical finder IMO.

Canon is advertising that they get good noise at higher ISO. Sony has been getting much better than average noise at ISO 400 with that same sensor, so Canon might not just be blowing smoke. It won't be up to F10 standards.

My guess is that the A700 will have a better lens and lower noise, but you lose some zoom range compared to the LZ5.

Edit: I somehow linked to the SD 700 - that looks nice for size and stabilization, as well as good noise. But it is only 4X.

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