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in order of importance
1) ultra-zoom w/ optical image stabilization(6x+)
2) size (compact)
3) resolution (>6 mpix)
4) cost (preferable <$300)
5) manual controls

im looking at TZ3, but i want to see other people's opinions

the only grief i have for the TZ3 is that you can only set zoom before recording movie; no zoom during movie... and that manual controls are next to none(not that i really care. if i wanted full manual controls, i would get an SLR instead of a p&s)

pros: manual controls galore
cons: AA batteries: flash cycle = long

EX-V7 -> people report that its prone to have "Camera stabilizer is not available", easily set off by rough shipping+handling, probably due to the many parts to its lens system

EX-V8 -> recently came out, similar to V7(but higher resolution), afraid of the above-said problem reappearing... MSRP of $320 @ September, now only $200....
pro: h.264 video recording with zoom enabled, ultra-compact size(with a con of bad low-light photography in virtue of its lens size)
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If you could manage to spend a little bit more, you would get a lot more in your camera. Take a look at the Panasonic FZ-18.

Sarah Joyce
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well.. the TZ3 is at least sort-of pocketable.. the FZ-18 isn't

the TZ3 is onsale for $229... dont think i want to spend 100 more for the FZ-18 @ $329

oh well...
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The EX-Z8 has only two main differences with the predecessor EX-Z7: one more megapixel (meaningless, really) and an internal shock absorbtion system to counter the problems people encountered with even moderate bumps or drops of the EX-Z7. It's compact, has manual settings, higher quality video and you can zoom during the video mode. The big problems I had with it wwere price andergonomics - it's hard to hold and I really didn't like the tiny, vertically oriented zoom toggle. Where do you see one for $200 nowadays? Two weeks ago, the cheapest you could find an EX-V7 was $210 and $250 for the EX-V8.

Pentax recently came out with a near-clone of the EX-Z8 that my fairly knowledgeable local camera store guy told me he likes better than the Casio.

The TZ3 is a camera for primarily still, outdoor photos. It doesn't do too well in low light situations indoors, has a slow flash recharge time and isn't supposed to be very good for any kind of moving subject action photography, such as sports and kids.

Don't get hung up on megapixels. In the past month I've demoed five new 7-12mp cameras and my four year old 5mp Pentax Optio 555 takes sharper, clearer photos 95% of the time.
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