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first i have to say that i am from germany, and so my english is not so good, sorry for that.

But now to my topic.

I'm looking for camera, which i just want to use for partys. So in dark areas. I know that the Fuji F10 is good for this, but i don't like the style.

For me it is important that the camera is small and not so heavy. I like the casio s-100 but i heard that the quality in dark areas is not so good.

The price is not unimportant, too. Not over 250$.

So, does anybody know a camera which is good in dark areas, looks good,is small and not so exspensive.

I would be very happy if you could help me.

Thank you

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I don't know how dark your parties are, but I took an Olympus C-5500 to a party last week and was impressed with the results: good, natural skin tones, no blown-out faces even when the flash was close, excellent focus. That's one possibility for you.

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i know you do not care for the styling of the F10... but it really is your best bet for a small camera in low-light conditions.. so you may want to reconsider it and just live with the style...
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The Fuji Z2 should be released this month. It has the same ISO 1600 ability as the Z!0, but in a more "stylish" footprint. The unfortunate part is that you won't be able to buy one for under $250...what price style?

You might be able to find a good buy on a Z1 when the Z2 is released. Right now the Z1 is going for around $300. Note: the Z1 can only go up to ISO 800, so it won't be quite as good as the Z2 in low light situations...Always a compromise.

If you want cheap and stylish, forget about the dark areas.

Good luck.

the Hun

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so for me the best solution would be the z1 ?
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