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sorry i do not understand your way of thinking, (no disrespect meant to you, re this remark) i would have thought you would carry your dslr at all times, (because everyone says they are far superior to p and s) as some of my best shots have been taken on holiday, however i do understand the weight and bulk part of it, but is this not part of the fun of dslr???

i must admit on bike rides, out i would take my 765uz, with me not to risk damage to my new camera, (if i ever get off the fence and buy it, that is)

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I've had a problem with dust in my dSLR once. I was snowshoeing and a gust of wind came up while I was changing lenses (I was on top of a mountain that is the highest point in over a 100 miles). Almost fell over, did drop the lens cap. When I got home and looked at my pictures, I used a hand blower to blow the dust off the sensor. Took a couple of minutes (took 2 attempts, didn't get it all the first time). I haven't had a problem since then (bought the camera in January) and I'm not too conerned about it. I was on that same mountain yesterday, changing between 3 different lenses quite often. I am more careful about it all than I was initially, but don't think it's a reason not to get a dSLR.

There was someone with a Rebel XT at one of the overlooks and we got talking about cameras. He was VERY surprised at how light my DS is. It makes it possible for me to hike 4 miles comfortably with 2 lenses, a small lens cleaning kit, extra card, lots of water (it's hot around SoCal this weekend, even at 8,000 feet elevation) and other incidentals.
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