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turbo_sr wrote:
Its not a few dololars its a two lens kit vs a single lens kit and the pentax 50-200 is $276CAD. I was just asking ifpeople thoughtthe deal for the pentax was good enough to buy it over the nikon.
Thats a much more sensible question, the prices you quoted were only $32 different.

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I've read on some photo websites that the Nikon and the Pentax use the same sensor. Both will give you great results.

Originally I considered the Rebel XT and the Nikon, but preferred the size and weight of the Pentax (the smallest of the 3).

As far as lenses go, the Pentax can use any Pentax lens ever made, including ones with screw mounts for Pentax Spotmatic cameras (were they made in the '60's or 70's or something like that? - you do need an adaptor to use them). I bought a Pentax ME in 1980 and am happily using the same50mm 1.7 lens that came with it, along with a 50 mm 1.4 my father bought around the same time (manual lenses with aperture rings and manual focus). I ended up buying the 50-200 lens and love it - it's what I use the most. I wouldn't have bothered getting it, but the F70-210 lens I bought in the late '80s stripped a gear and can't be repaired (loved that lens!). So you will have lots of outstanding old lenses that will cost less than new ones to choose from.

Both will give you excellent photos. If cost is the biggest issue, then get the Pentax because it costs less and because used lenses are readily available. I've heard that the Nikon focuses faster - I shoot outdoors mostly and don't notice the Pentax being slow, so this wasn't an issue with me (besides, half the lenses I use are manual focus lenses anyway). If super fast focus is important, get the Nikon. If you don't care one way or the other about cost or focus speed, then get the one that feels best in your hand. I love my Pentax DS - it's an improvement over my beloved F717 and a huge improvement over the FZ30.
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