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Default Pentax K-x vs Canon Rebel XSi

Hi All,

I see many people compare the Pentax and the Canon T1i. How about the Canon Rebel XSi vs. Pentax K-X. I see the prices are about the same. What is so different about Canon Rebel XSi?

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The XSi doesn't allow you to pick the same high ISO settings that the K-x can handle. That's useful for low light shooting.
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Also the K-x has HD, but you are correct, the price point of the k-x was really design to go head to head with the XSi, XS, nikon D30000, and the Sony A2xx and A3xx.
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There are many differences between the two cameras besides the two already mentioned here.

- Pentax has a slightly larger sensor
- Pentax has IBIS, which is a great feature to have as it applies to any lens you use
- Pentax max shutter speed is 1/6000 vs. 1/4000 on the Canon. Great if you want to obtain a shallow DoF on a bright sunny day.
- Pentax has better flash range and modes
- Pentax has 3 image quality levels to choose from vs. two on the Canon
- Pentax is much newer...newer technology

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And the Kx comes in all those wonderful colours!!

Seriously, the Kx is top-rated, with the best sensor around, and it's more rugged than the competition, although not as weather-sealed as its big brother the K7. Its 2-lens-kit is hard to beat. As Tullio mentioned, it has on-board Shake Reduction -- ANY glass put on it is stabilized, not just expensive IS lenses. And Kx owners get laid more often.
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Unfortunately, mirror slap has become a sizable issue with the Pentax Kx cameras. It does not seem to affect all of them, but those that are affected suffer image degradation to to the slight camera movement. Pentax has not owned up to the problem, and have refused to do warranty repairs.

Sarah Joyce
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I had repair issues with Pentax in the past when I had my K100D. I got sensor dust and after Pentax cleaned the sensor, the camera never focused properly again and they did not admit they were at fault. So, I'm not surprised by your post, Sarah.

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