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I'm struggling to decide between the Pentax K100 and the Nikon D50. Idon't own a DSLR or film camera with extra lenses so I'm starting fresh. I keep going back and forth between the two. I would be taking landscape, macro and indoor/outdoor family photos. I would also like to take portraits after some practice. I had a few questions...

Which camera's kit lens is known to be a better lens?

What extra lenses would a person generally want/need for those types of photos?

If I decided to upgrade to the next level DSLR, who is known (between Pentax and Nikon) to have a better performing camera at that level? Basically, if I invest in lenses now, which brand would be better for the long run (upgrading to the next level)?

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.
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That was a question I wrestled around with for quite some time...The K100D starts off with a nice advantage known as SR (shake reduction). If you are on a budget, this is the most benefitial feature you can possibly get!

My understanding is that the K100D's kit lens is better than the D50's. If you decide to go Nikon, it might be beneficial to buy the body only and get 1 or 2 lenses separately.

As far as what lenses you'd need...someone else will have to help you there. I'm still relatively new to this dSLR thing too.

Pentax doesn't currently have a higher end model dSLR, but the K10D is on the verge of release. This camera will probably compete with the new D80 from Nikon. That should be an interesting war.

My friend purchased the K100D and he loves it. I personally think it's a GREAT entry level camera. I ended up going with Nikon, but only because I bought into the extra features the D80 provides (after all my research on the D50 and K100D, I took a blind leap on the D80! :lol. Before that, however I was leaning towards the K100D.
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Pentax K100D kit lense is better optically and better build.
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