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Default Pentax K1000 SLR?

I think I would like to get into an SLR to play around with once I get settled in more in life. Anyway I was wondering whats a Decent SLR camera? I have seen the Pentax K1000 SLR camera (never played with it or taken any pictures) around alot and was wondering how good of a camera that model is?
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going back that far - obviously no autofocus to worry about etc etc etc no sensor issues basically comes down metering (assuming it even has an internal meter) but pentax was very much a leader in the early slr market so providing you get a copy thats in good condition and the light seals etc are intact should be good for what it is but like i said dont expect any modern conviences

might be worth buying an external light meter though so you have reliable metering
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K1000 did have an internal light meter-- it was my first slr many years ago.
Very good learning camera in some ways-- totally manual, but the light meter helped choose your settings.
(A needle in viewfinder moved up and down as exposure varied)
For a rookie it was a terrific way to be introduced to manual photography: control totally in your hands but with instant feedback on exposure.
Of course it is film, which means you have to wait to see your images and see the results of your decisions.
A very good camera, I loved it. (upgraded to Canon A-1 eventually)
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Great camera. We've had a K1000 since 1981. Was our main camera body from then till 2003...then digitals.

Meter is called the match needle....you can see the needle center itself and you adjust the meter by changing the F stop and shutter speed.

It's a manual camera...nothing automatic so you really learn how to use a camera with this model.

Reliable, durable, basic...in fact it was used by many high schools and college/university classes in photography classes.

Produced an awful long time, many out there.

Popular Photography...if my old memory is right did a test on it....believe they called it the '57 Chevy of cameras...a classic.

I think they also said that back then, many pros kept one in their camera bag, as a backup, in case their main cameras died.

The camera was essentially a updated (K Bayonet mount, rather than a M42 Screw mount) Pentax Spotmatic.

I've got some beautiful pictures from it, particularly with my Pentax 35-105 mm A lens.

This Pentax will more than hold it's own with any other camera make.

That's experience talking...at the same time I used our K1000, I also used my Leica Rangefinder and Mamiya medium format. It fit in well with those two other bodies.

Don't let anyone tell you different...albeit, the K1000 wasn't expensive...new...it was the basic Pentax after all...but it was a solid camera that with a very good lens....produced excellent results.

If you want a good, solid, old film, camera to have some fun with...the K1000 would be a good choice.

I'm a fan of this old workhorse...as you may have deciphered.

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