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abieleck Oct 10, 2006 4:39 PM

I had posted a topic requesting info on the Pentax K10d and the Sony A100. I got a bunch of replies, but no one has weighed in the the lense quality or variety of either camera. I'm wondering which camera would come with a better kit lense, and which camera would provide a better base for me to build a lense collection upon concerning not only new lenses but also, older lenses that will work with the new camera body. Either way i'm getting image stabilization througn the body but the are other tangibles to consider. Anyone with experience with either sony or pentax lenses, info would be much appreciated.

rjseeney Oct 10, 2006 6:04 PM

Both cameras have a fairly wide selection of lenses available in varying qualities. The used market is a good source is price is a concern. Pentax can use just about any Pentax lens ever madeand Sony can use old Minolta AF lenses. I would say it's pretty mucheven between the two in terms of lenses.

philneast Oct 10, 2006 9:25 PM

Check out the Pentax DSLR section of this forum for discussions about lenses old and new that will work on Pentax DSLR's.

With the wide variety of lenses available, basically nearly all Pentax and third party lenses, the choice is astounding. This results in quite a bit of discussion and information on the relative merits of specific lenses.

BenjaminXYZ Oct 11, 2006 3:32 AM

You can also use third party lensesfrom Sigma, Tamron, or Tokina on the Sony Alpha A100. Sony have some great lenses coming up in the near future. (Probably by the end of this year) The superb 16 - 80 mm C.Z. one is very sharp from what I've heard, and it will go with the superb resolution of the A100's CCD very well. (In case you are lost, the A100 have the highest resolution extinction lines of all the 10 MP cameras today) But I will have to see how the K10D will compete.

Pentax have a great lineup of manual focus lenses and you can't beat that (They also have great upcoming A.F. lenses with U.S.M. focusing devices). But Minolta also have plenty oflenses fromwhat I have seen before. (Hopefully MinoltadSLR users cancome in here and inform)

Both cameras have S.R., so all your lenses will become image stabilized. :cool:

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