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Thinking of getting a Pentax KM/2000 to complement my K10D and use as a everyday camera that I would carry with me.

I have 50 f1.4, 16-45, 55-300 lens.

Opinions ?
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I was also tempted by the KM 2000, but then I started reading the reviews and I eventually changed my mind. Your experience may be different. Good Luck!

Sarah Joyce
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I think it all depends in your case - I've learned to read reviews for who they are written for, and so many of the reviews are written for the person who is new to dSLR cameras. Many of those wouldn't apply to you since you are looking for a second camera body, not a primary camera. I've been thinking that if my K100 ever dies, I would be most interested in the KM for its replacement, to go along with my K20.

Picture quality will be very similar to your K10 since it has the same sensor.

One of the things that would probably bother me the most is the lack of a top monitor - I use mine all the time.

Some "disadvantages"/differences that wouldn't bother me but could be a deal-breaker to others- the fewer focus points (I tend to use center focus and re-frame after focusing, old habits die hard), pentamirror instead of pentaprism (the K100's viewfinder doesn't bother me at all).

The lack of weather sealing would significantly bother me if it were my only camera- but as a back-up, it probably wouldn't bother me. My K100 doesn't have it. However, depending on your use, it might be signficant.

Having a small, lightweight dSLR certainly appeals to me - I often regret selling my DS instead of the K100.
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Western Canada
Posts: 3,076

I picked a KM and the kit 18-55 this morning. It is a lot lighter than the K10D with battery grip.

I think it will be a great carry around. Being an long time photographer...I think this will be a great complement to my equipment.

I got my first Pentax (an S1a) back in 1968, along with a hand held Sekonic light meter....then a Pentax ES 11 in '74, Leica Rangefinder, Mamiya TLR...etc....over the years.

After all this film experience I'm loving the digital age and I'm sure I must of made 1000's of shots with the K10D.

I'm looking forward to having two bodies and plan to use the AV,TV,SV settings as per my K10D.

Thanks for the input to all.
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