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fiji Aug 2, 2006 8:11 PM

hi there!

I am searching for advices to buy a new camera, but i have many doubts between the Pentax w10 or Olympus 720 sw!

After seeing many threads i am more interested in the olympus, specially because of its waterproof element.

I am a surfer and i would like to take occasionally some shots in water to other surfers, so my i think that my first and biggest problem between both cameras is the waterproof ness element, specially because of the impact of the waves.

My interests in photos are usual amateur photos (family, landscapes, etc) and some photos of surf trips. I am not interested in waterproof cases because between other reasons i would like a daily camera so that if i go to the beach and surf i could grab it and shoot some photos or movies...

After reading many threads and searched through many sites, i think that the w10 as more image quality, but i am very afraid that it could get "drowned" (i read in some thread that some guy had drowned his w10)

So witch camera is the better buy??

All thoughts and opinions much appreciated.



mtclimber Aug 2, 2006 9:13 PM


The W-10 is also waterproof and has a legion of very happy users. It is the smaller of the two cameras and is deserving of a look.


fiji Aug 7, 2006 7:45 PM

thanks... But i´m still with serious doubts because i think the pentax w10will not be able tobe waterproof with sea waves shocking into it...

I know in general, and i´ve read many many posts, that the pentax w10is better thanthe olympus 720.... But one of it´s cons, is that in comparison, the olympusis betterthan pentaxwhen someone takes it to the water, because of it´sbest waterproofness.

Can someone please advice me?

Sorry by the bad english...



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