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Default Pentax W90 , Fuji HS10 or SONY A300, Strange mix huh?

Hi Steve's forums.....

Noob to you guys here at Steves and have been out of the digicam game for a couple of years.

I've been shooting with a Lumix DMC-TZ3 and Nikon 5700 and an old Fuji f20 but have decided I want to catch up on all the latest cool gadgets on some of these new cams.

I have read and read until my eyes were crossed so finally thought I would post a thread asking you digicam pros to help me plan out the next step toward photography bliss.....


My primary reason for purchasing this camera is my interest in vintage watches and to have the ability to take awesome pictures of them with interesting depth of field, etc.... I will be looking for a decent lightbox setup too if anyone has any suggestions.

My second reason for a new camera is to take advantage of ome of the cool "gimmicks" like the panorama feature that some of the new sony's have as well as the fuji hs10. I also like some of the ther interesting features like time lapse photography or being able to transpose one frame onto another frame, etc... you get the idea. I'm a sucker for these things....I admit it.

My third reason for a new camera is that I have a ton of stuff to sell on ebay and will be using it on a tripod for product photography.

I also do a lot of travel so to fit everything into one small package would be ideal...ha! I know, not possible, but in a perfect world.

I have been looking at a few of the models out there on the market and these have kind of caught my eye. I have always traditionally admired Nikon products and have an old s80 film SLR that I used to use but gave away to a friend.

I am either going to do one of the following:

1) Purchase a DSLR now and continue to use the Lumix as my travel camera. Looking at the Sony A300 or Pentax K-x

2) Purchase a cool travel camera with the tricky stuff like the Pentax W90 which would give me waterproof, LED for macro that might work well with the watch photography and has a decent self timer with remote control access to be able to get in my own pics on trips rather than just having great shots of everyone else.

Then later on, when the DSLR thing sorts itself out, pick one up used. I like the idea of the Panasonic G1 and the Olympus Pen but have read mixed reviews. Love the size of them though.

I have about a $400 - $500 budget for this project which will afford me to do any of the above as I have no problem buying used equipment.

I would love to hear any and all respectful comments.....ha!

Thanks in advance for the insight and advice, I am open to other suggestions too, and am not at all brand specific. I just want to the best bang for the buck and obviously the best pictures within a point of diminishing return. I'm not one of those hyper-critics on sharpness, resolution, etc.....

I just dont know how far things have come as I still shoot primarily at 3-5mp and have taken some decent watch pics with the nikon 5700 but I know there is much better out there.

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Welcome to the Forum. We're delighted that you dropped by.

With your budget, it probably best to hold off on the DSLR game. Because that would require not only a body+18-55mm kit lens+ the necessary Macro or close-up lens which scuttles the budget.

Perhaps it would be wise to replace the TZ-3 (now outdated) with the Panasonic ZS1 or ZS3 costing either around $179 or around $245. Either of the new travel zooms would be excellent for close-up shots of your watch collection and the needed e-bay photos. You might want to check www.pbase.com where you can bring up sample photos from any number of cameras.

You could defer the Pentax W-90 purchase until after you conclude your e-bay sale.

Sarah Joyce
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