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Hey Clemma

I merged the last thread you started with the latest one so that members are not confused trying to figure out why you started a new one with samples in it, without being aware of what was going on in the last thread on this subject.

There is no EXIF information in the first image in that post (it's been stripped out). But, the second image has EXIF.

That photo was taken using a 1/4 second shutter speed at ISO 400 and f/3.3

Frankly, I'm impressed that it's a sharp as it is for a shutter speed that slow. I would have expected it to be blurrier. You must have been holding the camera very steady and the rabbit wasn't breathing very hard. ;-)

Bottom line... you don't have enough light in that room to be taking photos without a flash, unless you're using a tripod and taking photos of a stationary subject.

Now, you could increase ISO speed to something like ISO 1600, and get shutter speeds up to around 1/30 second. But, then you'd have significant degradation due to noise and/or noise reduction, and shutter speeds would still not be fast enough to prevent blur if that rabbit moved at all (it would need to remain motionless).

You either need to add light (open Window blinds in brighter daylight conditions, etc., which still may not produce the desired results) or use a flash. Light indoors in much lower than it appears to the human eye when trying to take photos.
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Thanks for the added photos, Clemma-

The EXIF info came through just fine. As we had supposed previously the ISO used was ISO 400, and that is the reason for the visible noise in the first photo posted.

To improve the image quality you would have to add a Slave Flash, which would provide more light for the photo. Or just return the ZS6 to Costco and get a camera with a good built-in flash unit. Amazon has the Kodak Z-950 on sale today (07/21) for $115.95. The Z-950 does not have a wide angle, but it does have 10X optical zoom and you can zoom while filming. It also has a good built-in flash unit. And it take very good photos.

Sarah Joyce
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