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I won't restate what's already been said here. Get one of these instead.
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can't be used for books, you need a power supply and a computer
and it's still bigger than a camera.
I'm surprised that there are obviously no cameras specialized in photocopying ?!?

ahh, no power supply or computer needed
> Portable & Wireless scanner Scan documents wherever you are!


so, to compare with a camera,
how much memory, how much time needed per picture,
how long last batteries

length, weight


yes, that scanner looks also good to me.

better than a camera in speed, easy handling.
Camera can do dinA4-books, newspapers, are not so long (-->pocket)

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OK, I tried it with an old lumix ls3

2MB .jpg file, normal room-light, no lightning

you can well read the text.

The problem with the corners being more distant from
the camera than the middle could be resolved by

1) photograph from greater distance, (1m ?) and then zoom in
2) make 2 or more pictures with different focus and calculate
the resulting one picture (assuming rectangular layout
of the book/paper) automatically

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Good luck with that.
  • The lens is the thing.
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I think these are the parameters of this problem:

* OP can't haul scanner + computer into libraries
* Photographing flat pages requires a copy station

Back before personal copiers hit the market, my father-in-law (a detective) bought a document photo-copying station, about the size of a large photo enlarger setup, i.e. a medium-size refrigerator. It was certainly less portable than a desktop scanner + laptop, which he migrated to as soon as they became available.

Photographing pages is a non-trivial endeavour. Minimum needed: a flat, low table; a stand for the camera; a non-reflective clear plate to hold target pages flat; correct lighting; a camera, either with copy film or a high-resolution sensor; a flat-field lens of an appropriate focal length, preferably a short macro; power supplies for camera and maybe lights; patience and perseverance.

OP is certainly welcome to try document copying with a camera. But many libraries have periodicals on microfiche, or digitized, and have their own copying facilities. Depending on OP's image-quality requirements and financial situation, it may be better to pay for copies.
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Well, today, I just downloaded a free app called "Genius Scan" for my iPhone. It allows you to take pictures of documents, enhance them, and then forward them either as a picture or as a PDF.

I opened one in Acrobat, and did OCR on it, and saved it. It looks like the 5MP resolution of my iPhone 4 was certainly good enough to get all of the B&W text on an 8 1/2 x 11 page, with only natural lighting. Is it a great "photocopy"? No. But does it capture the page well enough for you to read the words, and for Acrobat to OCR them? Yup.

This took me probably 2 minutes total, including e-mailing the document. So probably not great if you want to do 100 pages from a book, but if you've only got one or two... what a deal!
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