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HopiKachinaStar Dec 22, 2010 5:58 PM

Please Help! Almost there!
After weeks of research, I've found the camcorder I wish to purchase. But when I search for prices, I'm finding drastic differences. I'm wondering if there are different versions of the same cam. It's happened to me before. I purchased a Sony Cyber for $1100.00, six months later a new version but same model came out with better features than mine (it accepted larger smart cards for one). I don't want that happening with this purchase. I'm finding a number of places are selling the Kodak zi8 for $89 to $99.00 while others have it for $250.00. I know there are bundles but I'm talking about the camcorder itself alone. The majority fall in between those prices. Best Buy has it for $179 while B&H has it on sale for $99.00. eBay also has a very wide price spread on the zi8. Before I purchase this, I'd like to know why there is such a price difference and is there a newer version of the zi8 I should be looking for or should all zi8's, no matter what the age, be exactly the same except for color? If I could get the answer to these, I'd be candidly happy! :dontknow:

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