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I am a real novice and have been using the CVS throw-away cameras and havinga lot of fun, but they are just getting too expensive to keep buying and printing the pics...I got some software to help me out with that...but can't get it to work...so I am going to suck it up and buy something, but basically I am a single mom with limited resources and a young child who I want to get shots of before he grows up! I have an older Casio Exilim but back then, as everyone knows....the delay between the flash and pic made things barely usable with kids especially! So I have been looking at the Kodak Easy share because I can take quick easy shots with the Print and Shoot models, hook it up and print (do their printers do anything bigger than 4x6)? or view and send the pics in emails or print off my computer....I THINK?!?

Does this sound reasonable for what I need, and if so, anyone have advice on what model (I spoke with Kodak and they of course recommended the C875...most expensive model) I don't need the video capability at all. Just want a point and shoot with easy download and print capability, which can either be hooked up to my computer OR a dock that prints, and some idea of how much I am going to have to spend. And I really need all the model numbers on both camera and printer, and info about all cables and or extras I really need (do I need extra USB capability, bigger memory, etc.) I keep seeing ads with all these EXTRAS and I just want something basic and easy and cheap!

Thanks soooo much in advance! I really appreciate people taking the time to read and assist me...I am just obviously getting overwhelmed looking at all the options on Ebay and the Kodak site and losing my limited mind!
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I am no guru on this topic...but I bought a friend a Kodak EasyShare C643. She is NOT very tech saavy (gets her finger caught in a screwdriver) nor does she like to read a large manual......She loves this camera. Puts it on Auto and clicks away. It's small so it can be carried in a purse or pocket. It takes great photos.I've printed them out forher and the colors are true.It also comes with internal memory so you don't have to buy a card. But if you do want to store lots of photos you can buy an SD card in any size you can afford. The software that comes with the camera is more than adequate for regular use ( or you can download "Picassa" from Google.com for free). I bought the camera at Walmart for $200 but you can purchase it online for less(try pricegrabber.com but stick to sites with 5 stars).Hope this helps; my experience with a vast array of digital cameras is limited.
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Please take a look at the Kodak C-533 digital camera or the Canon 460 digital camera. The Kodak C-533 sells for less than $100.00 and the Canon is a bit better and sells forabout $140.

Both cameras are very easy to use andproduce very good results as long as you stay within their flash range: about 10 feet from camera to subject. Neither has Image Stabilization but they are very creditable digital cameras.

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Both of my sisters, and my wife love their Kodak cameras, mainly because they take nice pictures and are very easy to use. I don't like the C-series cameras as much as the V-series, but for the price the C-series are nice.

You can find refurbished Kodak cameras at their site, www.kodak.com, which will allow you to save a little more. Kodak gives you a good warranty on it as well. My wife bought hers refurbished from Kodak with a printer dock for under $200, which is a great deal.

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...the delay between the flash and pic made things barely usable with kids especially!
Key item right there. The lower-end Kodaks are reputed to have pretty horrible shutter lag.

You can print photos from any digital camera with any printer, so if you purchase a Kodak camera, please don't feel obligated to also purchase a Kodak printer.

Whichever camera you acquire, you will not need to purchase anything else other than a memory card and more batteries/rechargeable batteries. The camera will come with the necessary software and cable to allow you to transfer images to your PC.

What kind of budget are we looking at?
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