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Please help me choose which camera to buy for my girlfriend. Her needs are simple, a compact camera for the usual point-and-shoot 4x7 shots that can occasionaly be cropped. (Doesn't matter the zoom, the battery type or the memory type) I have narrowed my search down to three cameras: Canon Powershot SD200, Olympus Stylus 410, Nikon Coolpix 4200. I have researched each one extensively, and so understand the differences between them as listed in their respective specfications. Just when I thought that I had settled on the Olympus, a sales clerk told me he felt the Canon SD200 was so superior in image quality that it would more than make up for its lower mp (3.2 vs 4), even when cropping. He suggested it over the Olympus 410. Then, a different clerk suggested that the Coolpix 4200 was really the clear leader above both the Canon and the Olympus. So now my head is spinning. Can any of your provide me with your opinions on the best camera for her needs?Am I justsplitting hairs at this point? Thank you in advance for your help.

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I would suggest you to consider Canon SD 300. It is a 4 mega pixel version. Furthermore, i think Panasonic Lumix dmc-fx 7 is worth considering. It is very elegant.It is very fast and it use Leica lens and has a image stabilizationfunction. The image quality is quite good. If you want more information, you can look it up in this site.
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I say get the sd200.Your girlfiend will think it's cute. It's very small, fit in a small purse( probably wallet?) and very fast on the draw and will take excellent 4x6 snap pics. Plus the video will be fun to play with. Price also a consideration. Nikon's pics are good but I think it costs a little more, little slower, no as good video, little biger......

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I love scene modes especially the night protrait & sunset etcand it's so easy to use.I know Nikon has them and it's so easy to use: just turn the dial. No need to go thro' layers of menu setting. It makes you look like a pro taking pictures that goes beyond simple p&s. If Canon S** or Olympus doesn't have them,I would not go for them.

If you want somethingcute and small and still have modes,may be have a look at the Sony T1. But my friend said the flash is a bit weak, otherwise, very good.

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The SD200 has preset modes but you select them through the on-screen menu instead of with a dial
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