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Hello There !

I need your help to set my SAMSUNG Digimax i5 camera that I purchased a few months back.

I am greatly dissappointed with the results.The smart sales guy managed to divert my attention from a Sony Cybershot which I had in my hand for comparing.

Unfortunately I cant go to the same shop as I got it from Bangkok, and I am in east Europe.A colleague suggested me this site so here I am requesting for help.

The pics taken by Samsung Digimax i.5 are absolutelypale on a PC aif shot with 3 Meg Pix selection.Night photos have red eyes ,come what may !!!

The repeatability is poor as pictures taken in sequence have all different results.

I compare this to Sony and Kodak ar any camera of same price and resolution, and my Samsung Digi max i5 stand NOWHERE near...

Please could any one of you help me understand if there is something I am not doing right.

Please write to me now.....

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Not that familiar with the Samsung digitals. I know they recently teamed up with Pentax to make a DSLR like the *istD's...and that's a good camera. I used to have a Samsung film camera that was pretty decent. Had the Schneider lens.

Without seeing some examples it's hard to discern what the problem might be. Have you deviated from the default settings? Is there a redeye reduction setting that isn't being implemented?

My other suggestion would be to post in the Samsung forum here. They might have more insight. Good luck.
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Thanx for the reply.Well I have tried fully automatic settings i.e. no changing of any parameter except initial selection of the resolution (megapixels).The result is not presentable from 1 to 3 Megapixels.It is marginally better at 5 Megapixel.Still miles behind the result of a Sony or a Kodak camera shooting at the same light conditions and at their default settings at the same or even half the resolution.

See the idea to buy aim and shoot digital camera is for casual photography.If now it is needed to go and set parameters for each shot well then this is something unexpected!

About red eyes.There is a feature called SF (safety flash) whichhelps red eye reduction, but then the photographs are very blurred.

My concern is the quality of the pictures, and their repeatibility.

The camera is excellent in looks , but lacks in picture quality.I wish any one here proves me wrong !!!

I have some very good comparisons of photos from my Samsung digi max i.5 and Kodak/Sony cybershot.Tell me where to send it to you .I would want your opinion too.


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