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"If I was able to pick up a TZ4 for under $200 like in the US I would for sure expect less from the build quality, but here the best price I could get was $300 after tax. To me that isn't cheap entry level in price range."

Oh really?

Let's see if I got this right...I can buy a TZ4 for under $200 here in the US, so I have to accept whatever cheap garbage they put in it...but because you have to pay $300 for it in Canada, it should be made better?

It's the same camera!

You think Panasonic should build cameras better if they are to be sold in Canada, because you have to pay more for it there? If they did make it better, you'd probably have to pay $600 for it! A cheap entry level camera is a cheap entry level camera - regardless how much you wind up paying for it. Everything is relative...

Anyone who can afford to travel to Egypt, Jordan, Cambodia, Peru and Japan in a year, should be able to afford something a little bit better than an entry level digicam, to capture all the wonderful sights they see on those trips...IMHO.

I hope you haven't misinterpreted anything I've written.

The Hun

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