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korna May 19, 2006 9:49 AM

Would somebody please give me a hand because I can't choose which camera to buy!

Im considering the Kodak V530 or the Sony W30.
I did alot of research and I read about evey review and user opinion I could find on the V530, V550 (very similar to the V530), and W30. But I'm stuck!

These are the Cons and Pros Im weighing.

The Sony makes sharp pictures and the colors are close to reality, It has very nice movies, a viewfinder, long battery life (I found ppl saying up to 200pictures), and the screen works good in sunlight.

However when there isn't a lot of light it works less good than the Kodak, the LCD has less pixels (85000) than the Kodak (230000), the body seems to be plastic, the battery compartment seems to open easily, and its memory is expensive (here in europe).

The Kodak makes very nice pictures with vibrant colors, it works also pretty well when there is less light, a good anti red-eye, the LCD has many pixels, its cheaper than the Sony in many aspects.

However sometimes the compression on pictures is to high resulting in fuzziness (the W30 allows you to choose, this kodak doesn't), there is no viewfinder, some ppl said the LCD doesn't work well in sunlight, the battery is limited (tested 120 pictures)(tough I have read of ppl that were were satisfied), the video's tend to be much more compressed than the sony ones, transfer to the PC is slow, when making a video there is a green light emanating from the camera and it shows on close subjects, its ergonomics don't seem to be optimal.

Maybe someone has a different opinion or advice. I'm not sure about the Sony's performance in low ligth, the reviewers aren't very clear about it.


platinumv May 23, 2006 6:01 PM


have you purchased your camera yet and why?

How do you find it?


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