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StingDarren Jan 9, 2006 8:10 PM

I am trying to get a camera. The one I am having right now is quite old. Olympus C-2020. I am thinking of getting the 8MP one.

I look at the review on this site and leaning toward these 3 cameras. Canon S80, Nikon CoolPix P1 or Panasonic Lumix LX1.

Can someone recommend me which one is better in term of the picture quality?

I'll be using it mostly to pic my new baby born and for taking pic while vacation.

Thank you in advance for all the suggestions.


slipe Jan 10, 2006 12:08 PM

Wouldn't want you to feel ignored, so I'll share my thoughts.

The LX1 is a nifty camera but probably the noisiest camera on the market. It isn't something you would likely notice making only small prints or viewing onscreen if you set the camera to its lowest ISO setting. The images would be great for viewing on a wide screen HD TV. But the wide angle image ratio doesn't fit much else.

The S80 is an all-round competent camera. The wide angle capability gives better scenery and indoor shots. It would be my choice of the three, but our requirements are probably different. It is the only one of the three with an optical viewfinder in addition to the LCD. That is handy in many situations and allows for a more steady hold in limited light.

The P1 looks like a good budget choice. Digital cameras are great tools for learning advanced techniques and the P1 is pretty much point and shoot with no manual controls. You get a little more telephoto range but give up the wide angle. I find the wide angle more useful in an all-round family camera. The wireless is unique and might be useful if you are set up for wireless. It has some nice features but the flash is a little weak.

You might look at the new Casio Z120. It has full manual controls and an optical finder in a tiny camera. Like the P1 it is still in first look status with the reviewers, but it has an excellent lens and great movies. It isn't out of first look yet and Steve already has it on his best cameras list. You would have to buy a charger and NiMH batteries for it, but a full set can be found for $20. Even with the battery cost it is quite inexpensive. I don't think the optical viewfinder would work very well for someone who wears eyeglasses. Beach Camera has it for $249 and free shipping.

I've had a Z750 for almost a year and prefer it to the Z120. It is a little smaller with the same capabilities and larger LCD. The stand is nice because you never have to remove the battery or card. Early models had lens problems if you extended it accidentally in your pocket, but they seem to have fixed that. The Z750 has the same tiny optical finder as the Z120 – works OK for me but I don't wear glasses. Neither the Z120 or Z750 have the wide angle capability of the S80 or LX1, but I have found ways around that. Neither have great flashes but the Z750 is slightly stronger according to specs. The flash assist works well out to maybe 25 feet. The past movie mode is something you won't want to be without once you use it, and both cameras have that plus MPEG4 compression.

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