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VTphotog wrote:
AFAIK, all DSLRs will autobracket, but some are quite limited in the range they can bracket. 1/3 stop, plus or minus is not going to be enough for HDR. I have found that 2 full stops over and under are the minimum needed for HDR, and I don't know of a camera that will do that automatically. I use manual setting, and find it quite quick and simple with my camera.
As I mentioned earlier, the D40 has no auto-bracket feature. I checked on that when someone in another topic mentioned it and I just had a hard time believing it.

I don't know about the rest of the cameras, but the Pentax K100D allows you to bracket up to 2 stops plus and minus. It also allows you choose what order the 3 images are taken in (- 0 +, 0 + -, etc...) which may seem like a pretty useless feature, but actually allows for a bit of strategy. You can choose to have the - shot first if you are shooting handheld and want less motion blur from pushing the button, you can have - follow + if you want to use those two shots for HDR and want as little difference between the scenes as possible (wind in the trees etc...) and a lot of other strategies.

The only thing I don't really like about the way Pentax implemented the bracketing is that while it's quick to activate and shoot, changing the settings takes a bit of digging in the menu.
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Last week I found myself in exactly the same position as the OP. I ended up buying a Nikon D80 but the really important purchase was the camera grip. This helps my big hands get hold of the camera properly. This equally applies whatever camera you end up buying, whether it's the Canon 400D, Nikon D40, Pentax K10D or indeed the D80. I specifically chose the Nikon because the control layout on the Canon is, imo, lousy and the K10D doesn't feel as good in the hand as all the reviews might lead you to believe. To me it feels more like jewellery whereas the D80 feels more like a tool. I prefer the latter. Hope this helps.
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I want to thank everybody for their comments, experiences, and advice.

I've been looking around at a few other sites and doing side by side comparisons of test images, as well as reading reviews. Providing that it feels good in my hand, I think I've made up my mind. From what I've read both here and elsewhere on the net, I'm going to get the D80.


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