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I have been looking at all of the reviews for Compact Cameras with wide angle capabilities. This is for work and I take shots of houses land, and inside houses (so lighting is important). I have pretty much narrowed it down to the Canon Powershot S80; Olympus Camedia C-7070; and the Konica Minolta Dimage A200. The Panasonic FX01 has been slammed in every review because of noise.

Ok forget the Olympus. It has been dicontinued (even though it just came out this year). That's too weird.

The price of these fit within my budget. The Canon is small compared to the other 2 but ultimately the quality of the picture is what counts. Compact, Wide Angle, Lighting indoors, Image quality are the main factors.

If anyone has any experience with one or more of these cameras please, please, post your opinions. At this point I have seen all of the reviews but am now frozen in making a decision. I would like to hear some real life experiences.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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Noise issues on the FX01 have been greatly exaggerated IMO. Some lazy reviewers just assume Panasonic has bad noise, certainly the test on dpreview doesn't show terrible noise compared to the competition.

At any rate - judge for yourself


A friend of mine has the S70 and it's a very nice camera, but a lot bigger than the FX01.

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eljohn wrote:
Ok forget the Olympus. It has been dicontinued (even though it just came out this year). That's too weird.
Might be that also Oly wants to push people to dSLRs like so many of other makers.

Also that camera lacks stabilization, like Canon S80.
If those pics are for showing houses (not moving target shots like people) stabilization is very usefull, that two-three stops longer shake free shutter time can help much.

BTW, That Panasonic has one big minus you might not have considered: Lack of viewfinder, shooting with using LCD (camera supported only to hands) is very unstable position compared to using viewfinder and amplifies handshake. Remember stabilization can't do much if shaking is too strong.
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