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I have narrowed my search down to these two cameras: Canon's A620 or A700... I have a 35mm Rebel (will replace it with a digital when it is time)and have been happy with it and now am looking for a more convienent, portable digitalcamera that takes great pictures. I want to use it more for friends, family and occasions, not travel/landscape. Both seems pretty similar and I would love to have some input!

Thanks so much!

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This was exactly what I was dealing with until I saw a low price on a Pentax DSLR and bought that instead.

I have a Canon A70 and very very happy with it but hated the 1.5" viewfinder. The 4aa batteries made it a great size and feel in the hands.

But I wanted more pixels ya know?

So I loved the A620's swivel screen. BUT..it is larger and heavier if that is possible than my 2 year old A70.

The A620 from all the reviews and all the newsgroups is one of the most popular cameras Canon makes.

The A700 I could only find in one store..if you are in Boston that is the Camera Company in Norwood. Ritz, Hunts, CC, Best Buy nobody had the A700.

Once I saw the A700's size and feel(they didn't have batteries in it) I thought it would be the right fit for me.

The 2.5" lcd from reviews said it would not be a sharp as the smaller A620 but I was willing to go for the smaller size, 2aa batteries that last fairly close to the time of 4 in the A620. You can almost fit it in your pocket.

I guess flash time is real slow on the A700 but someone said if you run it in one of the manual modes and set flash intensity lower you might actually get faster charge rates.

Oh..the build quality on the A620 feels kind of plasticy for the the size. That was a concern.

So I would say in all honesty if you are willing to spend a bit more money go A700. You get almost as good pictures, smaller size and lighter due to 2aa batteries that last a good amount of time. That is what I would have done.

Final note if we I can mention this here.

Dell has the A620 and the A700 on sale frequently. At one point you could have gotten the A620 shipped for about $189 while the A700 for $233.

Dell has coupon codes(do an internet search) where you enter like 25% off $300+ purchase.Then by going to Ebay for $1.00 you get a $35 off of $300 coupon. I tried this when I was going to pull the trigger on the A700. It is all legit.

Problem was..the A700 was on sale till 9am on a Monday. I entered the coupon codes at 8am on Monday and got called away at work. Went back to finalize my order around 10 and the coupon codes expired. No more 25% off ..but the Ebay coupon would have worked. I called Dell and they said....sorry but the coupon expired at 9am I can't help you.

Was still going to go A700 if it went on sale the following week(it did) but by then got the Pentax DSLR.

That's my story, that's my tip. It willl be impossible to find an A700 and hard to find an A620 to compare. Sears and a Ritz had the A620 though but only 1 store had 1 of each.

Good luck.
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My Uncle just bought the A700 it is quite slow compared tomy A610, and the picture Quality wasn't as good. But like whatcorvairfansaid, the A700 is smaller and lighter. Oh yeah almost forgot, my Uncle's A700 has a high speed card and my A610 doesn't. It's all in what you want.
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