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After much searching online at this and other sites, and trying out how various cameras feel in my hands, I have narrowed the list to (I think) Canon's A720 or S3. (The ELPH series cameras, while nice, are too small for my large and not always terribly agile hands, and seem to have nowhere to put my right thumb when taking pictures.) I am, I think, a fairly typical "point and shoot" person, in that I expect to take a mix of indoor (typically but not always flash) and outdoor shots, and am not someone who wants to give too much thought to adjusting settings as I snap away. In large part this camera is being bought tfor a Parisian vacation next summer, but I also want something that is easy to take along as we go on local trips, or for family gatherings such as the holidays, parties, etc., without the sense of "oh gee, I have to lug around the camera and case." I hope to learn more as time goes on and get more ambitious about adjusting speed, aperture, etc., but will mostly want to just take a picture and be able to rely on the camera doing the thinking. I also don't want a camera that is likely to fall apart if (heaven forbid) it gets dropped once.

A relative whose judgment I trust on rely on digital cameras recommends the S3 (she has the S2) as a great camera particularly for its great zoom. I'm inclined to agree but I do like the smaller size of the A720 (or some other A series camera, if you think one of those woud be better), given that it has only 2 AA batteries rather than four, because I think a smaller camera will be one I'm more likely to find easier and more comvenient to use while walking around Paris or elsewhere. I know about the inordinate flash delay with the A720 (5-8 seconds, I have read), and figure I can live with that if everything else is good. What recommendations or thoughts do you have to help me decide? Thanks!
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In large measure you have answered your own question. The best camera will always be the one that you are happiest to carry along with you easily to take those shots that record many happy memories. After reading through your post carefully, I think that perhaps the camera of choice is most probably the Canon A-720.

Both cameras will do a good job, but in terms of traveling and pure convenience the A-720 seems to fill the bill a bit better.

Sarah Joyce
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