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Default Point-and-shoot that has video w/sound, NON-HD and under $300?


I welcome anyone who can solve this puzzle.

I am not a photographer. I am not making feature length movies.

Thus I don't need 10MP and 1080i or even 720p recording capabilities.

I just want a point and shoot camera that takes photos in low light conditions (bars, pubs) as well as illuminated (car dash w/out flash being used) images at night, and photos of crap I'm selling on car forums.

I want to be able to record simple video (no higher than 640x480) with audio, mostly of stupid stuff that will be posted to youtube.

Again, I stress, I don't want and won't consider HD-class devices. I have many reason, most notably, I have a 1Ghz PC and I am not upgrading to Windows or Mac just to edit the videos.

I had a FujiFilm FinePix something or another YEARS ago that took those weird SD card competitor picture cards (XD?) and it took video (up to 30 seconds; I'd like at least 5 minutes of recording time preffibly unlimited for when I'm recording dyno pulls).. but no sound.

Sound is important. 2MP is fine with me for stills. Zoom is entirely option.

List of don't:
-don't want bulky
-don't want non-user replaceable battery
-don't want HD
-don't want a new product

Am I too picky or have camera companies only recently decided that perhaps people want to shoot things to throw up on youtube and take photos of stuff to sell on ebay? I was suggested the Nikdon D3100 and I refuse to drop $699 on a camera. Why? I break things. Often. I refuse to spend over $199 on anything handheld, I'll make the exception for a camera to $300.

I obviously am buying this used; ebay craigslist or off of someone. I have many reasons for this, but most importantly.. I'm under some debts and want to go back to school. Having had a really bad Droid experience that's cost me close to a grand all said and done, I have no camera at all and lots of car parts, computer hardware and speciality clothing to sell. But no way to photograph it!

Please help me. I'm completely lost when it comes to this, and all my friends are all about dSLRs and things that take 5-10 minutes to setup for a shoot. I don't have that kind of time in my busy world of african grey parrot rehabilitations and making diesel cars that existed in europe from the factory but weren't sold in the USA (and I travel a lot, like 40-50k miles a year... a lot... hence the diesel passion).

Main uses:
-Photos and video of parrot(s)
-Photos and video of current and next car projects
*(Current: Subaru 2.2L Motor swap into 1986 VW Vanagon Weekender, 1998 New Beetle TDI restore, next up: Boxy Volvo TDI engine swap, Cabrio TDI)
-Should be able to be easily carried in pants pocket or on a lanyard
-takes rechargeable or AAs, I do not like integrated batteries UNLESS I can easily open and replace it myself.
-Can handle being left in several black cars that get hot for extended periods and not fail
-Can take a sweating human / life in said human's pocket (Droid can't)
-Generally idiot proof for a german car driver
-Could possibly survive exposure to an african grey parrot (they're known to take everything apart).

Or am I asking the world on a $1 budget? Cause if so, tell me. And suggest a PnS for my photos and I'll get a little Flip video camera for the rest. I'd rather have one device, I don't understand why/how these two things aren't standard by now on ALL cameras.

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