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I'm looking to buy a new camera - applications are high-quality vacation photo's (museum's, church's, landscape) and kid's sports (field hockey, swimming, laccrosse). I've narrowed my search down to 2 DSLR's (Cannon XT, Nikon D70s) and 2 point & shoot's (Cannon Pro1, Nikon 8800). I'm leaning towards the point & shoot's given their size, weight, and zoom advantages (I know I can get greater zoom with additional lens' for the SLR's). One issue that's bugging me is speed - is there an appreciable difference between the solutions?

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I am very sorry indeed to report to you that there is a HUGE difference in speed (start-up, shot to shot, and review)between such P & S cameras like the Nikon 8800/8400 cameras. However, if youare willing towait for the soon to be released Fuji S-9000/S-5200 (late October)digital cameras, I think that that inherent slowness that we have had to bear withwill be a thing of the past.

dSLR Digital cameras can do a great job, with up to 5frame bursts on the Canon 20D, please realize that dSLR cameras represent a rather large investment in camera body, extra lenses, and accessories. The whole digital camera venue, IMHO, is about to make a huge change over the next 12 to 18 months. You will be amazed by the new and innovative digital camera that enter the marketplace.

Sarah Joyce
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