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camilla Nov 16, 2005 3:08 PM

I´ m looking for a new camera and had at least two choices : sony p 200 ( eliminated because of many threads about dust on the ccd)
and Fuji F 10, better F 11, I´ll be waiting because of the manuel possibilities.
What concerns me is the postprocessing many people talk of in context with Fuji F 10.
(I own a Sony F 717 and never have to work with the pictures as they are excellent)
Who works with the camera and can tell me if the postprocessing of pictures of F 10 / 11 is only sharpening ( which is easy and quick to do)or if other parameters like colour, contrast, saturation are affected as well.
Sorry for my bad english- I´ m German.
Thanks for answers!

Carskick Nov 16, 2005 9:18 PM

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I don't even feel the camera needs PP sharpening unless you were trying to take a flashless picture at low ISO and blured it a little. Here is a picture I just took with custom WB and -1/3 exposure compensation. I used the chrome mode, as it is more acurate for up closes in this room. I also did not use a card for WB, but a white comfortor so it likely made the chrome mode more neccisary. There is still a tiney blur from camera shake, since shutter was 1/15sec, but with better lighting or with ISO1600, this would not be much of an issue. The only PP done was image resizing. ISO800

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