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Old Jul 12, 2004, 9:34 AM   #1
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Would you be kind enough to explain what type of manual controls are available in Powershot A75 ?

1) I am new to photography (except using normal film camera and wonder whether I should buy this camera at all ?
(Yes or No)

2) Somewhere on this site, a FRIEND has mentioned that he has some problem with image quality (HAZE) and not able to reset to default options ? Do you expect this to be a problem ? (Yes or No)

3) Has this camera got E18 error ? ( Yes or No )

4) As an alternative to this camera is NIKON 3200 ideal ? (Yes or No)

5) Will the manual controls help me? Considering lack of photography experience...Ofcourse, I am willing to learn !!!

Your answers may be short but will ease my tension in deciding. Please...please help me with answers ..

I know most of you know the answers to my queries.. but do not want to type and submit answers...(I know it is boring..) please post your reply. Excuse me in seeking your valuable and precious time....
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Old Jul 12, 2004, 12:53 PM   #2
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I have it and have been very pleased with it so far. Pictures generally come out very good and clear for me. As for your questions:

1.Yes. Im pretty new to and this camera is great for a begginer. It has tons and tons of features but also works great on just auto mode for begginers. Also it has a very deep manual mode where you can control just about everything (shutter Speed, White Balance, Focus etc...). And you can get it for a pretty good price at most places.

2. Overall like i said image quality has been good for me. I have it set on Superfine for picture qaulity and the pictures look great to me.

3.not sure sorry(im new like i said)

4.sorry i havnt tried this camera dont know but it looks pretty good from the reviews.

5.Yes they will help you but it is pretty confusing at first. I still havnt had the chance to play with all the manual controls but when you get good at them they will help alot im sure.

Check out some fireworks I took onmy canon A75last week using the firework scene mode. Turned out pretty good IMO considering it was my first attempt


I also took some Videos on my cameraof the fireworkstoo and they turned out GREAT!

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Old Aug 3, 2004, 9:59 PM   #3
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Falcor200 - Where can I see the videos you took?
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Old Aug 4, 2004, 5:46 AM   #4
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To have an idea of what you can do with the A75 look at my pics at www.zoodany.it, they are all taken with my A75..


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