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So, my Canon Powershot SD550 broke on Christmas Eve, what horrible timing. =(

I figure I might as well use this opportunity to address the two problems I had with my 550, that it had no manual aperture or shutter speed controls and that I frequently couldn't fit everything I wanted in the frame ; that is, it had an overly narrow lens at only 37mm.

I take a lot of landscape photos, so a wide lens is important.

Even though I've only taken one Photo class in high school (I'm a sophomore in college now), I would like to start experimenting with aperture and shutter speed again. I do have a manual film SLR, but it's so large that I honestly don't use it that often. Plus I'm kind of rusty on my aperture and shutter speed so it'd be easier and cheaper to experiment on a point and shoot.

Sadly, it's really hard finding a point and shoot with manual controls. =( Most of them only have exposure settings now with automatic shutter speed now. I thought it was impossible to find a Canon model besides the S80.

So, I am a bit of a Canon loyalist because I think they have the best color reproduction, but I'm certainly open to other brands too. Basically right now it's down to:

- Discontinued but I can still find it
- Around 3 years old, which is kind of....unsettling for a point and shoot maybe?
- 28 to 100 mm range
- Manual Aperture/Shutter Speed controls (as well as automatic shutter speed settings as well?)


Sony Powershot SD 870 (or SD800, I can't see the diff. b/w the two so whichever one is cheaper)
- Newer, so maybe better image quality?
- 28 to 105 mm range
- Image Stabilization
but no Aperture or Shutter controls, just exposure controls

I'm more used to the SD model controls.....honestly, the S80 looks kind of difficult to use with an odd zoom toggle switch.

The fact that it's 3 years old is kind of troubling as well, can old point and shoots still take good quality photos as well? I don't care about Megapixels so much as capturing detail and reducing noise, especially in low light photography (which I also take a lot of).

The SD models have Image Stabilization, which is nice because shaky pics are always a pet peeve of mine, but no manual controls.

So do you guys think age = lower image quality? If anyone had any recommendations for a miracle point and shoot that had manual controls, good image quality, AND a wide angle lens, that'd be perfect, haha. But I'm really indecisive, so I'd appreciate any advice!
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A lot of advances have been made in the last 3 years. You can still get manual controls with a camera such as the A-590. It is not much larger than the SD series and it gives you the manual controls that you desire. Here is a Canon A-590 sample photo.

Sarah Joyce
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