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Default (PowerShot) SD4500 or S90 or S95??

I know the difference between the S90 and S95 (for the most part) but I'm not sure if it's really worth getting the S95 over the S90 for the price.

Now the bigger question is me wondering why the S95 costs more than the SD4500 but seems to have better specs based on what I have seen on NewEgg.

1. I haven't seen any pictures shot by the SD4500, can anyone give me links to them?

2. How is the slow-motion on the SD4500?

3. Why does the SD4500 cost less than the S95 but seem to have better specs?

4. How does the S90 compare to the S95 in terms of just image quality?

I really like the look of the S95 (and S90) and some of the features it has, but if the SD5400 is better in terms of image quality and shutter speed (I mean, it being better overall), then why does it sell for a much lower price? Has Canon made a mistake when pricing these cameras???

[[[[More info, pasted from a comment that I posted for a review on Amazon for the SD4500: I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but this camera costs less than the PowerShot S95 but has 1080p video recording (and optical zoom while recording at that), while the S95 has 720p video recording and lacks the feature of optical zoom while recording. The S95 costs more despite the lack of these (and a few other) features such as having a lower shutter speed according to the specifications on New Egg. I don't understand why Canon would give the SD4500 more (or make it look like it has more) over the S95 but put a cheaper price on this one (SD4500). I do like the look of the S95, but if the SD4500 appears to perform better based on the specifications that I have seen and has a lower price then I really don't know which camera to go with. Does anyone know if the S95 performs better than this camera? ]]]]
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1. Google
2. No idea.
3. Better specs? Huh? The S95 has a much larger sensor and a much brighter lens. The specs on the SD4500 can't even compare.
4. They are practically equal but the S95 has HD video (though its use is limited without optical zoom or AF), an HDR mode (requires a tripod) and improved ergonomics (i.e. the super loose wheel is gone)

I have no idea why you think the SD4500 would have better IQ - it doesn't. The sensor on the S90/S95 is 40% bigger d the lens is quite a few steps brighter. Granted, in outdoor, sunny conditions you are going to notice little difference in IQ really. Step indoors though or wait til dusk, and the S95 will wipe the floor with the SD4500. The reason why the SD4500 can shoot more fps is simply that it uses a CMOS sensor.

These are 2 different cameras aimed at 2 different sets of needs. Which one is better for you will depend on what you need but in terms of IQ under all lighting conditions, the S90/S95 is a far better camera.
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I would agree with Five-O-

The S-95 is clearly the best choice of the three listed cameras. The SD-4500 has no wide angle and goes through batteries very quickly.

Sarah Joyce
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