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Does anyone know if camera pricesgo down following a PMA show? Isuspect the introduction of an upgrade or replacement model could affect the older model price, but is there any general trend that anyone has observed? Thanks.
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It depends on the camera, it's quaility, and the company. A camera like the 20Dmay go down a reasonalble amount, as it is about 2 years old, and could even be discountinued when the replacment is realeased, even though it is still one of the best DSLR's you can get. But if they were to replace somthing like the Rebel XT (they won't, just an example) it wouldn't drop much in price, as it isn't tooold, and is still doing extremly well in sales.

But even if the price drops, usally the only time it will go down in price by more than 10-15% is if its discontinued.
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Adigital camera has about a 4-5 year useful life before new technology will probably tempt you into a new model.

I bought my 20D for $1450 just over a year ago and I think it has decreased $200 in price.

Have I gotten $200 worth use out of it in the last year, you bet!

I reckon I have to budget the depreciation on the 20D at nearly $300 per year.

So, if you think the camera is going to drop in price more than 20 percent in the next year, then wait.

Unfortunately, most digicams don't drop that much.

Your better off buying it and getting the use out of it, rather than waiting, paying less, then getting less useful years out of it.

I would argue, though, that as soon as a camera is announced, they sell it for list price for a few months, but then the price drops about 10 percent.

So I wouldn't necessarily buy a camera at list price when it is first announced unless I was really hot for it or could justify buying right away.

Best strategy is to buy the camera three to six months after announced.

Then, party on!

-- Terry

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