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A smartphone is a tool. You can use it or not. Don't pity people that use tools. They're the ones that learned to cook their food and ride on the backs of horses and float on water and catch fish and plant crops and build houses, all thanks to technology.
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I moved 3 months ago, and I realized about 3 weeks ago that my Panasonic camera has gone missing. I feel a bit silly to have misplaced a camera, but there you have it. I figured I'd wait for it to turn up, but in the near future I'll be doing a project that requires a camera, and I decided I couldn't wait much longer.

I decided to start calling the U.S. offices of various camera mfrs to see whether they provide manuals (beyond the quick-start manual), and this is what I came up with:

Canon: The PDF is all you get.
Ricoh: Most of their cameras include a manual in the box, which I take to mean that the manual is pretty compact. But the guy said that if your manual gets lost or damaged, you can't buy a replacement--you'll have to print out the PDF.
Fuji: Manual doesn't come with the camera, but you can order one, and it's 4 x 6 inches.

That was good enough for me, and I went on amazon.com and ordered a Fuji F660EXR. I think it will fill the bill for me, aside from the fact that I can get a manual! If I hadn't gotten this response from Fuji, I would have contacted other mfrs.
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Default Another thought

Originally Posted by DonalDuc View Post
After half an hour or an hour double sided printed manual is ready, now a hot-melted cover
Your mention of a hot-melted cover prompted me to stop in at FedEx Office. (For non-US forum members, FedEx Office, formerly Kinko's, is a company that offers self-service copying, computer rental by the minute, printing, binding, stuff like that.) I asked the counter guy if they offered any binding options other than punching a document for a ring binder, and he showed me samples of 4: comb binding, spiral binding, strip binding, tape binding. Of those, the latter 2 appealed to me the most. Clearly they wouldn't increase the weight and bulk of the manual nearly as much as a ring binder would. My next camera may not be chosen by (un)availability of a fat little manual after all.
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