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Hi all

I've tried to do some research but getting more confused so I hope someone can help me out. I think after you read my wish list there won't be too many models to choose from anyway!

Criteria, most important first:
1. 28mm wide angle or more
2. Excellent "pro" photo quality
3. Excellent metering, especially for close flash work under 1m distance

4. Very reliable…something few reviews ever talks about…maybe measured by length of warranty???
5. Relatively small and light, should be able to fit into jacket pocket or hip case
6. Front/rear sync fill flash with quick recycle times
7. Excellent battery life (I shoot fill flash 99% of the time so important)
8. Manual controls (mainly aperture priority)
9. Under US$700ish???

My photos are mostly of my kids and very close up almost in-your-face shots, typically 30-100cm away hence the need for wide angle and being small and unobtrusive. I also use fill flash practically 100% of the time so it's very important the camera can correctly meter/control flash/exposure at this short distance.

My current Ricoh Caplio GX took reasonable photos and was fine until the warranty ran out. Now 3-4yrs on it's definitely a heap of ^%@#$!. The lens does not extend and retract properly on start up. Its focusing is also stuffed most of the time. I almost put it threw a brick wall yesterday it's now that bad!!! That and it's flash exposure control for close up work has always been very very hit and miss. I have lost literally hundreds of potentially good photos due to way overexposure at close range – ghost white skin to badly blown out…double grrrrr…

So I'm after some recommendations that fit the criteria above….but don't mention the new Ricoh R6. I was (believe it or not) contemplating it hoping Ricoh had sorted their crap out but after reading some user reviews, they are having the same lens & flash issues I had so maybe not.

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everything in market - cannot in all points.
but Fuji S700 closest, execpt not wide lens.
but cheap enough to take one for backup :-)

check this
thread for example :-)

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Old Jul 10, 2008, 2:41 AM   #3
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A few options:
  1. Ricoh GR Digital II [/*]
  2. Ricoh GX 200[/*]
  3. Sigma DP1[/*]
  4. Canon 870 IS[/*]
  5. Panasonic FX series 30,35,100.
That's probably about the order in which I'd choose them too, the Sigma is a special case, if it suits you it's fantastic, but I think it might not from what you say. Make sure to read some reviews.
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Old Jul 10, 2008, 4:55 AM   #4
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The Panasonic FX500 meets your criteria to a greater extent than any other camera I can think of.

For "pro" picture quality, no point and shoot is going to suffice, but a DSLR is apparently not something that interests you.
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Old Jul 11, 2008, 1:07 AM   #5
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Thanks for the options guys.

Size is definately a factor so that rules out some of the options like the fuji and all DSLRs. As for Ricoh, well, at least I gave them a chance but never again, worst piece of crap I've seen for a while and reading more used review of their new cameras only reinforces that. Camera and features are great but build quality is atrocious. Unfortunately you don't normally find this out until after your warranty has run out >

So that leaves the Sigma which looks sweet, the canon or the panasonic so I'll sus these out a bit more and make a decision....

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Old Jul 13, 2008, 8:41 PM   #6
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Hi all

My needs can now be simplified to basically:

- 28mm wide angle (for shooting kids point blank)
- manual controls (for my creative self)
- captures in RAW (for best image possible)
- is a compact camera! (so its on my person when we go to playground, riding bikes, down to beach, for a walk, in the backyard, basically everywhere)

The only camera I can find that meets these specs is the Leica d-lux 3/Panasonic
LX2 and the slightly quirky Sigma DP1. The Leica firemware supposedly is very slightly better in noise (not that I ever shoot anything but 100) and colour reproduction is more truer rather than the typical red/blue bias of most consumer cameras including the LX2. And the minister of finance approves of it too!

I will keep hunting around but the little red dot is winning by a nose...

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