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A word of caution....

The D40 will only Autofocus with with AF-S or AF-I lenses.

It would probably work with the Sigma Lenses with HSM, too (some of their higher quality EX series lenses have Hypersonic Motor Focusing systems that don't require the camera's focus motor when used with a Nikon body).

But, because of lens restrictions (no focus motor in the camera body like you'd have with other Nikon DSLR models), you're cutting out the ability to use the vast majority of third party lenses with the D40 (unless you want to use manual focus, and the viewfinders generally don't lend themselves well to MF on most DSLR bodies). You're also cutting out the abiity to use many genuine Nikkor lenses unless you want to use Manual Focus.

So, if you go with a DSLR, I'd suggest spending a little more and getting a model with better lens compatiblity instead, unless you're sure you'll be happy with the available Nikkor AF-S lenses for a while.

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Almost everyone gave me what I consider extremely good advise. I think the best thing at this point might be for me to go with the Canon S3 and see if can't learn the fundamentals along with just plain having some fun with the camera!
A lot of people seem to really like the S3 and for the money invested it seems a good place to start, although, it is NOT as cheap as some would have you believe. If you add memory, charger, batteries, Tele adapter, lens adapter, camera case, lens caps and not to mention macro assesories, the price will be in the $700 to 800.00 range.

After all that I still think at this point (beginner) the S3 is the best way to go (for me)!.

Thanks guys, thanks a lot.

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My daughter has been using aCanonS2 for 6 months. I assume the ISO sensitivity is similar to the s3? She has already outgrown the s2 because it just doesn't capture good images with low light.

A point that nobody has brought up are the controls. I assume a dslr like the D40 is MUCH easier to use in manual mode - full control over f stop, focus and shutter speed. The s2 has tiny buttons and takes some getting used to for everything but the automatic mode.

As far as manual focus goes for higher end lenses - I don't see that as a problem, as long as auto exposture is still offered.

If I'm wrong on any of the above points, please let me know!
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