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tsk1979 Feb 16, 2006 6:10 AM

Lots of threads doing D50 vs DSC R1 vs 350D. As far as features are concerned, I am not in much doubt about what I need. What confuses me are the prices in my home country.

Nikon D50 kit = 1250-1300$ 1yr warranty
Canon 350D kit = 1000$ 2yr warranty
Sony DSC R1 = 1120$ 3yr warranty + Interest free Monthly installments.

Lets say I like no noise at high ISO and want high resolution for crops.
so Canon 350D and Nikon are good, the R1 comes in due to 10MP.

Due to factors like lens etc., I would think all these cams to be equally capable.

Now suppose you lived in one of the dustiest regions of the world where a sensor cleaning would be necessary every couple of months if you *never* take of the kit lens.
Add to that the pricing

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