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I'm going to Japan in August and want to buy a 30D for the trip. A friend suggested buying it there. Would it be significantly less expensive? Are there any drawbacks to buying there (e.g. warranty issues)? Would the camera menus be in Japanese and can you switch them to English?

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FWIW, You can decide on which language display you want. The problem is the warranty. It would be valid in Japan, not in the USA ... and more than likely would be considered "gray market" here unless you can prove toUSA Sony you were in the service, stationed there, etc. With currency conversions, I do not know that it would be cheaper there.
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I would be very surprised if it were cheaper there, especially cheaper than what you can get from reputable online dealers here in the US.

As for the warranty, you might be able to buy a worldwide warranty. At least, I have heard of people doing that.

From my experience, the place where you might get some camera bargains is Hong Kong.
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As others have suggested, it's not likely to be cheaper here. FWIW, you might take a look at this page of prices for the 30D from Yodobashi camera, the largest retailer in Japan. You aren't likely to find it much cheaper than this. Even if you can't read Japanese, you should be able to see the prices:


The actual prices are in fact 10% cheaper than those shown here, due to the "points" system Yodobashi uses. You get a point card and buy the camera, then on your next purchase (for CF card, etc.), you can use the points you accumulated on the first purchase. If you work it out well, you can use up your points while in Japan without wasting any.

The warranties may or may not be global. It depends on the manufacturer and the product, so you'd have to ask at the store. Personally, I'd look for the best prices in your home country.
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